Poster Presenter Information

Attended authors discussions will take place on both Sunday 6th May and Monday 7th May during the morning teas.  Your poster number can be determined once the listing has been put online.  Please note that a small number of posters may be selected for discussion on the guided poster tour and if you are in this group you will be notified by email at least one week prior.
The posters will be on display for the duration of the meeting and can be put up from 5.30 pm on Saturday 5th May but must be removed by the end of lunch on Tuesday.  Please note that you or one of your fellow authors will be required to be present at your poster during the dedicated viewing sessions to answer any questions.
Posters must fit a poster display space of 1 metre wide x 1.5 metres high (A0 portrait style) including the heading.   Velcro tabs will be provided to fix your poster to the board – pins must not be used. 

All presenters must be registered to attend by 30 March in order present.

Oral Presenter Information

Speaker Preparation Room - Level 2, 201

Slide Type: Data projectors for Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote will be provided in all main oral session rooms at the Annual Meeting.  You may use an IBM-compatible or MacIntosh version of PowerPoint or Keynote.
Review of Slides (REQUIRED):  All speakers must check into the Speaker Preparation Room 24 hours prior to your presentation (if possible). At that time, you may review your slides. Review of slides must also occur at least 24 hours prior to your presentation. Where there is a conflict of interest, please note that the first slide of your power point presentation must include a Declaration of Interest.

All presenters must be registered to attend by 30 March in order to present.